How to Start Your Wedding Wish Book

Wedding Wish Book

Now that you have started a Wedding Wish Book, you might need a little help clarifying what you should put in the book. Like whether or not you should include Gary Coleman in a tuxedo or Emmanuel Lewis in a suit when thinking about ring-bearer outfits. Not to worry, this post covers several sections in detail to give you a better idea of how to start your book with ease. C’mon, I wouldn’t leave you feeling stranded and disappointed. What do you think this is, the LOST series finale!?
This is the companion post to our last post entitled, “How To Start Planning A Wedding!” It’s like Bert to Ernie, Will to Grace, Gale to Oprah! On a side note can I just say how much I love Oprah! Love her! I love Oprah like I love tipping a box of wine when no one is looking so I can get the last drop. Love her! But I digress…On to the Wedding Wish Book!

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Now that your book is organized, primed and ready for stuffing I

want you to consider the following when filling each section.

(Helpful Tip #1: The key ingredient to starting your wedding wish book is a magazine. To avoid me having to tell you time and time again to go out and buy magazines, I am going to say it just once here and maybe 15 more times throughout the post. But don’t say I didn’t warn you! Go buy magazines!)

Guest: Because this is a wedding wish book and not the Ten Commandments, carved in stone, go ahead and list every friend, family member, co-worker, acquaintance and ex-booty call that comes to mind. List everyone that you-think-you-might-possibly-consider-maybe inviting to your wedding. Save finale choices for later, this is a WISH LIST after all.

Best Gay Wedding Blog EverFood: Start with what you know. Are you the kind of couple that likes to experiment with exotic foods while watching the latest episode of Dexter? Or maybe you are the kind of couple that snuggles up with a bowl of easy-mac four nights a week while watching reruns of The Cosby Show! Whatever your style of dining is, you need to own it! If Paula Deen can own putting four sticks of butter into a Cobb salad, so can you! Who knows, maybe you end up doing a gourmet version of mac’n cheese bites at your wedding. Go ahead and note any ideas that come to mind to begin.

Spaces: This one can be tricky at first. Where you end up having the ceremony and reception will seriously depend on budget. But like I said before, this is a wish book and if you treat it as such, your life will be much easier and pimple free. No need for a Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque here! Start by visiting websites, hotels, and other interesting venues and collect any brochures you come across to find inspiration. If you see something you like, add it to the book.

Flowers: Flowers, like any other décor, are purely visual. If you have a vision of a space filled with tall vases dripping with white roses and lilies, write it down in the wedding wish book. If you have a vision of a space filled with tall vases dripping with beautiful boys and booze, go to the club! Seriously, start your search online or by looking in various publications for inspiration. If you like it, cut it out and put it in the book.

The Best Gay Wedding Blog EverSuits/Tuxedos: This is probably one of the easier tasks to complete and at the same time the hardest. Some couples may seek out a very safe traditional look, while other couples may seek out looks that are loud and standout. You’ll have to decide: are you a Deena or are you an Effie?! No matter what your personal style, now is the time to explore every option possible. So, grab a fashion magazine, a box of Thin Mints and strap in for some serious window-shopping.

 (Helpful Tip #2: Help your wedding wish book stay organized by using a glue stick to glue pictures and pages together before sticking them in your plastic page covers. This helps maximize space while keeping ideas organized.)

 Dresses/Gowns: As a man I envy women because I’ll never get to have the “wedding dress” experience.  Actually, now that I think about it…I’ll pass. No thanks! Ladies (and some men), the best advice I can give you when it comes to your wedding gown or bridesmaid dress is to start with what appeals to you visually. Even if you have no business in a strapless gown, who cares! This is your day and you have every right to dream. So you cut out and glue every picture of any dress that makes you gasp! Not the, “oh no, I just ran over a cat…again!” gasp, but the, “that so pretty, it takes my breath away,” gasp.

Cake/Dessert: Choosing a cake and a design can be tricky. Most cake designers price their cakes by the slice and depending on how many guest you have, a cake can be pricey. Don’t be afraid to explore cupcakes or other sweet treats when thinking about dessert. Engage your creative side and jot down any ideas, concepts or things that make you go, “hmmmm.”

The Best Gay Wedding Blog EverHoneymoon: Finally, the part that all couples look forward to: choosing the honeymoon destination. Do you picture yourself sitting on white beaches with water so clear you can still see that mole on your baby toe even when you’re waist high in ocean water? Or do you see yourself exploring the castles of Europe in full tourist mode: fanny pack, visor, camera and all? Sifting through travel magazines can give you the incentive you need to keep planning your wedding with glee. After all, what good is getting married if you can’t at least get a vacation out of it? Just kidding…not!


Words of encouragement – now that you have reached the end, I can see how you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. This post was a long one, so I thank you for being sober through most of it. I also want you to remember two things.

  • First – all this cutting out of pictures and gluing is going to make you a master with the scissors and glue stick. By the time you are done with your wedding wish book, you should be able to cut your hair and glue in a weave all while watching an episode of Friends. No mirror necessary. I mean, just imagine the savings of doing it yourself!
  • Second – although it seems daunting, creating a Wedding Wish Book is actually a lot of fun and can turn out to be a great project that not only calms you down when your nerves are shot from having to deal with a**holes all day, but you will also leave this experience feeling confident about your wedding. Although it is not the final word, by the time your book is done you will realize that you have made huge steps in finding your identity as a couple. Now you are one step closer to planning what is going to be one of the most amazing days of your life!!! If you remember to stay focused and have fun, nothing can go wrong. Cheers!